Bordum & Nielsen (B&N) was established in April 1940 in the city of Aarhus, Denmark. Peter Bordum and O.A. Nielsen wanted to establish a factory producing handmade furniture. They eventually moved to Braband; and with a crew of 10, they expanded their venture but remained a niche bespoke furniture manufacturer until the 1970’s.

As their pieces were hand crafted and custom made, their furniture were incredibly sought after. Pieces like chairs, tables and sideboards still appear in auctions and second-hand shops around the globe.

B&N Today

Now owned by Kawano Dansk, a Tokyo based company, B&N takes pride in crafting and celebrating the beauty of Modern Danish furniture. Kawano Dansk started as collectors of Danish and Mid-Century Furniture and eventually started a factory to restore these timeless pieces for ourselves, international auction houses and private collectors. We are continuing B&N’s legacy by enabling all furniture aficionados to attain these unmistakable art pieces– as well as fostering a greater love and appreciation for this niche furniture market.

Unlike larger manufacturers, our smaller operations enable us to craft and create niche and limited pieces of furniture. But despite our size, we have a global track record and recognition for supplying furniture for award winning hotels and restaurants.